The Leader

Dr Nader’s decision to devote his life to teaching and making the understanding of consciousness scientific readied him for his next role as Maharishi’s successor. Dr Nader was selected to be the leader of all the activities of the Global Country of World Peace, overseeing worldwide TM teaching and its associated programs. Dr Nader sees his role as one of service. He has been guided and inspired by Maharishi to uphold everyone, nourish everyone, and give everyone a chance to use and develop their full potential in harmony with all and for the benefit of all.

After Dr Nader completed his medical and scientific training at Harvard and MIT, Maharishi asked him to participate in bringing the most advanced knowledge of consciousness to the world. He trained him in the most advanced Vedic techniques of consciousness and made him intimate with ancient knowledge and many Vedic procedures that were reserved for the most advanced teachers even in ancient Vedic times.

When Dr Nader joined Maharishi full time in the 1990s, he thought he would have to study Veda and even learn Sanskrit, the language of the Vedic literature. Instead, Maharishi had him travel worldwide to introduce TM and its advanced techniques to different countries. At that time the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain between East and West were dissolving. Dr Nader found himself in Moscow, St. Petersburg, East Berlin, Ulaanbaatar, Shanghai, Beijing, and every capital of the old Soviet and communist bloc. He was meeting scientists, political leaders, officials, and army generals, lecturing and introducing educational and developmental programs to people of all walks of life and all specialties.

Maharishi, for many years, had him study and become familiar with manufacturing, commerce, mining, electric-car manufacture, solar and wind energy, company startups, management, and many other areas of interest in society — all this besides the focus on education and teaching. Maharishi wanted Dr Nader to become familiar with as many human endeavours as possible and to see the importance of consciousness for success in all fields.

“This knowledge, from this tradition, allows every human being to truly live their fullness of life. It’s something that everyone can achieve. It’s very easy, and everyone can do it.”

Dr. Tony Nader

In the late-1990s Maharishi asked Dr Nader to become the international president of all Maharishi universities and to oversee their curricula and operations. There was also a need to create a structure to ensure that the scientific legacy of Vedic knowledge is maintained and that the knowledge is made available in its purity and completeness to all people of the world. Maharishi wanted the leaders in this structure to play a parental role of care and service to everyone and to all societies and nations irrespective of belief, social status, race, gender, nationality, or any other consideration.  

That is why Maharishi chose to use the name “Global Country of World Peace” and to give to its leaders the titles of “Raja” for men and “Rajrajeshwari” for women which, Maharishi explained, denote the parent-like service and care for everyone in our extended world family. The Global Country of World Peace has many such leaders who each takes care of making available to the people of his/her domain the knowledge of development of consciousness, including Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and associated programs. Dr Nader was selected to oversee all the activities of the Global Country of World Peace worldwide. He sees his role as one of service and has been guided and inspired by Maharishi to uphold everyone, nourish everyone, and give everyone a chance to use and develop their full potential in harmony with all and for the benefit of all. With this global parental role, Maharishi gave him the title of Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam, which means the first and pre-eminent among the parental-like leaders.

Dr Nader is guiding this remarkable legacy into the 21st century. He is bringing the science of consciousness to new audiences and expanding our understanding of the furthest reaches of human potential. His goal is to continue Maharishi’s legacy of sharing profound experience and understanding, for individuals and for our world family.

“It’s not a philosophy that you have to believe in, it’s not a way of life that you have to adopt. You just let yourself grow within yourself, remove your stresses and strain, and your nature is to be perfect, your nature is to be happy, your nature is to be healthy. And that is something which is life-transforming and a fundamental requirement to experience fulfilment in life, irrespective of one’s belief system, political affiliation, or social role.”

Dr. Tony Nader

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