Meeting Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

It was in a beautiful town called Seelisberg, high above the shores of Lake Lucerne, that I first had the opportunity to meet Maharishi. As a young trained doctor, I was qualified at that time in the late 1970s to attend a conference on Ayurvedic health, with other health professionals. It was a life- transforming experience.

Maharishi was speaking to a huge hall full of scientists, physicians, and knowledgeable teachers from around the world. It was an opportunity which I couldn’t miss.

I thought, “Here is a person who embodies wholeness — and it is something anyone can do.” It was like a hero telling you, you can be a hero.

Meeting Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


At just the right moment I went up to Maharishi and offered him a flower I had picked, a traditional way for a student to express gratitude to a teacher. As Maharishi’s gaze fell on me, I wasn’t prepared for the power of his attention. Suddenly it was as if everything disappeared and it was just the two of us standing there.

Here was the embodiment of absolute wholeness — and it was powerful. He was utterly calm, his bright eyes beaming a sense of all-encompassing, floating wholeness. I felt entirely settled and at peace. So often when you meet people it feels that they are only half concentrating on you, that there are other things going on in their minds, but with Maharishi it felt as if he was totally present with me at that moment.

And although we spoke only briefly, it was a life-transforming experience in that short amount of time. Maharishi’s intelligence was obvious in the way he was immediately able to see beyond the obvious on all questions and to find elements of every question that I had never thought about before, all achieved with such grace and ease and lack of pretence. It was heart-warming and inspirational to feel as if the whole universe had stopped and I was the one thing that he was paying attention to. No one I have ever met, even Presidents, Nobel Laureates, and Hollywood stars, has had such an aura of calm and happiness, none have ever matched the charisma of Maharishi’s personality. It was like being in the presence of a radiant sun.