What is Maharishi Vedic Science?

In our world today there are many assumptions and many theories about reality, illusion, existence, natural law, and the administration of life and the universe. In my medical and scientific career, I have had the great fortune to learn from and work with a great sage, scientist, and well-wisher of humanity who comes from the ancient Vedic tradition of teachers, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. 

Maharishi has compiled all the Vedic literature as a perfect science of life and has shown that Veda is not only a knowledge of intellectual importance as a philosophy or as a science, but it has a practical value to it which is the development of the physiology and the mind. In this scientific age he has presented this knowledge in a scientific way and wanted it to be analysed and studied with the most modern scientific approaches to understanding health and physical well-being, mind and body relation, and social aspects of life - and the applications of all of this to create a healthy society. 

“Veda" means knowledge, total knowledge. There is a huge literature of Veda that has been brought to us through the millennia in the Vedic tradition we know as the Tradition of Vedic Teachers. India is the fortunate place where Veda itself was known and taught. But Veda is not only Indian, Veda is universally true and life supporting for everyone and everything. On all levels, consciousness, molecular, cellular, and physiologically we are the embodiment of Veda. Veda is a science of life that is very ancient and is now becoming very modern and relevant as more research explores this area of health which brings fullness of life and the development of the full potential of the individual and society. 

Maharishi has taken the Vedic knowledge and organised it into a perfect science of life, with its 40 aspects. This is a knowledge that is available and may seem familiar to us like “yoga”, but more specifically has a practical value to actually develop the physiology and the mind through the use of sound itself. This takes place on the most profound level, on the transcendental level, going beyond the changing fields of consciousness to the inner Self, the inner being, and developing the full potential from the level of the Self. The human nervous system has a particularity, that it can actually contact that field. In the Veda it is said that this field is the field of pure being, pure consciousness, the field of totality, of wholeness. The technique to prepare the individual to be most receptive and most capable of improving and ameliorating their health comes from the Veda. This is what we are offering and what we have been teaching around the world - a science and technology of consciousness. Consciousness which is awareness, the ability to be conscious and to be aware. What we are talking about is called Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology known in the world as Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques.

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The Transcendental Meditation technique takes you from the surface of thinking, and allows you to dive deeper and deeper, until you reach the unified field of natural law allowing for quietness and silence inside. The human mind, this instrument, allows transcending, which is going beyond the surface level where all of the inner chatter of the mind takes place, to the source of all creativity and all intelligence in the whole universe. That is what we call transcending and why it's called "transcendental" meditation, which means to go beyond the surface level. If we look at physics, we see different levels of physics, there is the gross level, and there are the more subtle levels. The gross level of physics is called classical mechanics but then we go to the quantum mechanical level where things seem to be less localised. The quantum field theory shows that objects actually have potentialities, probabilities, and they act according to wave functions, and therefore everything in the universe is entangled and connected. There is some basic level of reality which is managing and ordering, constructing all the surface level. Coming to the unified field - which is the source of all intelligence, creativity, balance, and of the laws of nature in the universe helps us because we have a technology and technique that allow the human nervous system to settle down gradually and reach that unified field. 

There are a number of worldviews and philosophical treatises about life and human beings. Modern science has developed methods that can help us to differentiate fact from fantasy and real results from fictional ones. Whenever we think of science and technology we tend to think in terms of material objective aspects. One wonders, how can we call something a science of consciousness? A scientific technology has systematic methods and procedures and can be proven to work reliably and repeatably. Systematic means you have something that you can apply in a very specific way  - there are very specific sequences of things, it's not just mood-making, or differences between individual situations and circumstances, but there is a systematic process that happens in science. There are more than 600 scientific research studies on this technology. It is reliable, meaning that every time you apply this systematic process you can get a result - a reliable result, that you can see that it works. It is also repeatable, which means it's not that it works only for some time, under some circumstances. It means that whomever uses the same systematic system, can repeat it and get the same results. Which is how we can say we have something scientific and effective.
The Veda and the Vedic Literature is the blueprint that has become our physiology - the intelligence that has become matter in the human body. From intelligence to matter, there is not such a big difference. If we can target the levels of intelligence - and we have the knowledge through Maharishi Vedic Science - we can truly create a very healthy individual. We can develop the full potential of the individual which is a cosmic potential. We each have the potential to live life in perfection, happiness, and peace.