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Master Series

Masters Series

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Join Dr Tony Nader’s Masters Series and learn more from Dr Nader and other global experts on consciousness, the Transcendental Meditation technique, and healthy living.

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Dr Tony Nader
Season 1


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Dr Tony Nader and David Lynch

Master Series
Master Series
FROM $9.99


FROM 9.99 per episode

In Season 1 of the Masters Series, Dr Tony Nader and David Lynch discuss questions about life: how to have more happiness; the secrets behind the way things happen; Consciousness; and effective communication. You’ll also learn about relationships and love; why we’re here; discovering who we are; what transcending is; what’s real and what’s not; and more.

YEAR 2021
AUDIO English
DURATION 2 hrs 36 min

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Dr Tony Nader
Dr Tony Nader