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Dr. Nader & Transcendental Meditation


What is TM?

The Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique is an easy, effortless way to allow the mind to move from the active surface level of thinking to quieter levels within itself.

The mind can be compared to an ocean, with waves on the surface and silence at the depths. The process of diving within during TM is guided by the nature of the mind, without trying to focus or be mindful or concentrate.

Dr. Nader & Transcendental Meditation


Research shows that TM has profound positive effects on health, stress levels, brain function and more. As the mind settles during the practice, the body experiences deep, rejuvenating rest. Going beyond the surface level of awareness results in better decision making and increased alertness.


Other meditation techniques require focused attention (concentrating on a certain object or a particular thought) and open monitoring (focusing on breath, sensations, thoughts or the environment). TM does not involve either of the two approaches. Instead, TM centers around automatic self-transcending, a process of effortlessly experiencing a unique state of restful alertness and a deep calm from within.


TM is taught one-on-one by certified instructors over the course of five sessions. To find a teacher in your area, take a look at the map below or visit

Find a TM Teacher

Use our TM Centre Locator to find teachers near you.


What makes TM so effective and easy to learn is that it is taught in personal instruction from a highly trained teacher. At-home learning is also available in most places with video meetings and instructional help that your teacher can provide you for your smart phone.

Even people who “can’t meditate” can learn TM. There is no concentrating, no control of the mind, no trying to empty the mind. It is simple, natural, effective, and easy.

Anyone age 10 and older can learn TM. No change in belief, religion, or lifestyle is required. Millions of all around the world are enjoying TM’s benefits.

TM can be learned in four classes of about 90-minutes each at a TM Center. Or the instruction can be spread out over a week or two with at-home learning meetings that you can do at your own pace. Benefits come right from the start.

TM is different from mindfulness and concentration techniques. Mindfulness meditation involves monitoring of thoughts and takes moderate effort. Concentration techniques take strong effort. TM is uniquely effortless. During TM you experience restful alertness and coherence between every part of the brain.

TM is taught through non-profit educational organizations whose sole purpose is to make TM available as widely as possible. Costs vary for students, adults, and families in different countries. Scholarships for those in need are available for learning TM in most areas. Please use the “Find A Teacher” tool above to contact a teacher near you. Your teacher will help create a course that is right for you.

Dr Tony Nader
Dr Tony Nader